custom etching

Trying to get caught up!

So pretty much the only downside to having a business that is slowly getting more busy is the lack of time to do anything for yourself, as well as, updating your website with all the cool stuff you have done.  I am going to endeavor to get all my recent projects up on the site, and add more content.

So to start things off I wanted to show off some work we did recently for ZOOM.7 Inc.

They recently planned an event for Epsilon that had a Great Gatsby theme.  Peter approached us about custom etching 40 mirrors, that would be table center pieces for the event.

We reverse etched the backs of the mirrors with a custom design, and once they were etched, the etched side was then spray painted black. This means that when the mirrors are viewed from the front, the black design would really pop out. To finish the pieces, we custom laser cut black felt and attached them to the backs of the mirror to protect the paint, and really give it a nice clean final look.

The event was a great success and here is an awesome picture that Peter took of the mirror “In The Wild”, as he put it.


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