Laser Cut Wing Struts and Material for Model

This is to date one of the most fun jobs I have had the pleasure to do.  I laser cut and etched these wooden wing supports for the Death’s Head Hawk-Moth.  This model kit made by Industria Mechanika and it is fantastic.  Here you can see the parts I cut for them.  The wood wing struts are laser cut wood that is also etched with the rivets.  The Wing material is laser cut Parchment Paper.

moth001 moth002 moth003 moth004 moth007 moth005 moth006 moth008 moth009

The following images of the completed model kit are property of Industria Mechanika who maintains full rights and usage.  This kit is amazingly engineered and like I said it was one of the most fun and interesting projects I have been associated with.

dhmoth006 dhmoth007 dhmoth008 dhmoth009 dhmoth010 dhmoth011 dhmoth012


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