No Set Up Fees

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No Set Up Fees

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Here at Cut Out Laser we enjoy what we do, yes we are running a business here, but we want to make your ordering experience as simple and easy as we can.
Therefore, we do NOT charge Set Up Fees for Custom Laser Etching and Engraving.

We don’t like hidden fees and we don’t like ambiguity in the ordering process.  We are up-front and honest with our customers about our pricing.

What is a Set Up Fee?

Expenses incurred in setting up a machine, work center, or assembly line, to switch from one production job to the next.


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**Please note that Artwork Design is completely different than a Set Up Fee.  We offer our artwork service, for a cost, for any customers that may need help with designing or converting files to a usable format for the laser.  

For more on our Artwork and Design Services, please click here.



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