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Coolest Pens EVER!

Custom Job

So I got a call from a local guy to me asking if I can etch some of the coolest pens ever!!!  He needs me to etch a company logo on some acrylic pieces that he turned on a lathe, as well as, some nickel plated 300 mag shells.

Yes the pen is made from actual shell casings.  How cool is that?

The laser can’t etch metal but Cermark to the rescue 🙂  I took the cartridges ran a power grid on them to determine the best settings to use on the Cermark.  Once I had it down I airbrushed the Cermark on and then etched the shell casings.  I was very happy how they turned out once I was done.

The pictures attached show the styles of pens, and the last picture shows the shell casings right after I pulled them out of the laser and cleaned them up.  All I can say about these pens is WOW, they are really well made and have a substantial weight to them.  They are fantastic quality, and the pen with the acrylic body is actually bolt action, how cool is that!

pens001 pens002 pens003

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