Coasterscustom etchingWine Stoppers

Bronzed Marble Coasters and Crystal Wine Stoppers

This job was done for a local private school.  They were doing a fundraiser with wine 🙂  Public schools could learn a thing or two in that.

The job was to etch bronzed marble coasters and color fill them with silver.  We etched 76 of the coasters and 30 of the crystal wine stoppers.  The coasters are from Pier 1 and were etched with the schools logo, then color filled with silver rub n buff.

The wine bottle stoppers were etched with the actual name of the school.  They turned out great and our client was very happy.


coasters003 crystalstopper004 coasters002 crystalstopper003 coasters001 crystalstopper001 crystalstopper005

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